How do I link my social networks?

I want to just write it once, instead of writing it on each social network?!

Here is another question we get asked a fair bit. Social networking can be a tiresome task for small business owners, but seems to be a necessity these days. Thankfully there are a few ways in which you can get around re-writing your post to suit each network. There are several options. So here is a quick look at a few of them to get you thinking. We use most of these depending on which one suits the post we are writing, but you could manage just using one.

Get in touch if you have a website project within which would like to streamline your social media.

Option 1: Use your WordPress blog as the source of all your posting

This is a good one if you already blog, as you can write anything from a small post to an article with pics and the full works, and when you press ‘Publish’ for the first time (only!) on the posts page, it will send a mini post on all your connected networks, with a link.

To set it up go to Dashboard>Settings>Sharing and then connect to your companies linkedIn, twitter, facebook page, google+ page, and few more. (MAKE SURE YOU SPECIFY THE COMPANY PAGE NOT YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT if it’s for business!)

You can also choose which networks to publicise on before you publish, using the option in the publish box of each post.

Simply write a good headline to the article, as this will be the content of the tweet/etc!

Option 2: Social Media Management software

We also use this option. We use Hootsuite, although there are other options. It’s free for up to five networks, and you just sign up for an account, link all the networks you require, then when you post using it, just choose the networks the post should appear on. This option gives you the most options as to which networks you can post too.

Option 3: Social network interlinking

This one is sometimes useful, although possibly harder to set-up and maintain, with linking issues (although less frequent these days it seems). For example you can link your twitter to facebook and vice versa, and  linkedIn to twitter etc. Its great if you only want to manage a couple of social networks, and dont want further apps accounts or to start a blog.

This sort of linking is useful for example if you happen to be on facebook and just want to share something on your page that you would also like to appear on twitter. Its not as good as options 1 and 2 from a management point of view.

Twitter is the easiest to set up to link from, with the others being harder. Find it under the profile settings in twitter- Gear icon>Settings>Profile>Facebook.The other networks your twitter account is associated to eg your blog, linked in, media management are under the settings>apps tab. To link these to twitter you can do it through the other apps themselves.

The option in facebook is under your pages settings then ‘apps’>Twitter.

These sometimes change so I won’t write a full guide, although there are plenty on the web!


This guide is only a reference from our experience of these, and we are just giving you some ideas, but these work for us. Let us know if you have any different solutions!

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