Should I have my blog on my website?

Where do I blog?

We get asked this a lot, and its down to your preference if you have a blog on your website at your domain, use a blog network like or tumblr, or have both. Here is a quick, and by no means definitive guide to get you thinking.

The basic options:

1. All-Out standalone blog using wordpress cms on your own domain:

Good if you are a magazine, reviewer, reporter etc or have lots of info to give, and that is your main business model. This would reach its own audience, as well as having power in SEO terms should it gain enough traffic.

2. Blog on your own website using the blog function of your cms:

Primarily to keep your customer base up to date with resources and info, if you are a small business, as you may struggle to outrank similar articles on mainstream blog networks in the search listings.
This may also be beneficial for keeping your websites content updated regularly. (If you don’t have other regularly updated areas such as news or latest projects /work/ cases.)
The on-site blog may be a strong option if you already get a lot of traffic to your website, or you are posting really unique and unreported articles, as this may give you the power to outrank similar articles on mainstream social network blogs.

3. Use the external blog for both your ‘news’ and ‘articles’, with a feed from it on the website:


So this is exactly the title, use the external blog for all company related news and articles, and have a feed on your website to display the headlines of these articles. Some people may use their facebook or twitter feed in exactly the same way, by having it displayed on their website to show their recent actions.

When reading the articles on the website feed, the feed draws in the article as a light box, so as not to divert traffic away from your website. This give the benefits of catching and diverting traffic to the website that finds you through the strength of SEO power from a a mainstream blog network, and still having the content displayed on your website for your existing audience.

4. Use the blog system on the website to generate ‘news’,  and have a blog ‘feed’ on the website to display the content from the external blog:

Possibly the best of both worlds for small businesses, if you have time to fill in both news and manage an external blog. Here’s an example:

The Blog then works satellite to the website and within its social network (as facebook pages or twitter pages are intended), to point traffic to the website where linked in various articles, found by public search. The News acts as the on-site resource for content updating on the website, and the articles are not the same as the external blog so content is not duplicated.

For example, I’m now going to point you to our website, from our blog!- Why not have a look at now you’ve read this article, or contact us on to find out a bit more as to which method may suite your business….